Tuesday, June 30, 2009


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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Stress Management

Hi my dear friends and viewer's of this blog,Thank you all for your kind visit.Once again to call your attention to view this blog post newly posted Now.This is the latest information letting you know,Stress Management.This is from the experience at my friends office. One day a friend came to the said office of my other friend looking very anxious and related to him the medical history of his family. he said that his great-grand father who was enjoyed good health all his life had a heart attack at the age of 78;his grand father , a self-made man who had his own business had a heart attack when he was 68;his father was only 58 years old when he had the fatal heart attack.

Financial crisis

Hi dear friends and viewer's  thanks for your extending good support. Like to have your kind support at all times to come. This is the latest information letting you know,Financial crisis.Now almost the financial crisis is going to cometo an end. All big industries and companies may be not employing new , but with the present man power they want to stabilise,further they do not want to reduce any manpower.Small industries and companies started employing manpower. This itself a proof to say that the financial crisis has come to an end. here i would like to put forward an example.Swami vivekananda went to Varanasi once he was chased by a group of monkeys near Durgabari. The natural reaction of an average person to such a situation would be fear. Swami Vivekananda too wanted to run away lest the monkeys do him harm.Just then a monk shouted to him, "Face the brutes." Swami Vivekananda turned back and faced the monkeys. Immidiately they ran away. Thus challenging situations do come as life cannot be all sunshine.We have to meet every challenging situation boldly,being fully conscious of the fact that we have the Power to overcome the situation.

similarly we the people on earth facing the crisis situation is going to come to an end due the challenging task power of people and Ruler's.